The best sunglasses to wear while exercising outdoors

When summer finally comes back around, it seems more often than not that we need to purchase a new pair of sunglasses. We’ve either lost a pair, broken a pair, or we simply can’t find them anymore! After a trip to the store, we invest in a pair that seemed perfectly fine at first, but after a few wears we come to realize that they’re not as fit for comfort as we first thought.

This is especially the case if you’re an athlete. There’s nothing worse than having to strenuously squint your way through a workout – sweat dripping down your face and sunglasses slipping off from not fitting right. Having the best sunnies for the type of exercise you often do is actually important, so here’s our advice on the best kind of fit for you.

Great for running

Great for running:

For long distance running, you need to make sure your pupils are fully protected from extended periods of exposure to the sun’s rays. So make sure you get glasses with a larger frame and darker lenses. As you’ll be jogging up and down, make sure they hug around your face well – you can get sunglasses that have flexible material, so they bend without breaking and stay put.

Great for hiking:

When hiking and trekking, you want to feel as lightweight as possible. So make sure your frames are super light and comfortably fit to take the pressure off your nose and ears. You can also get polarized lens technology to enhance visual details so no having to take them off when you finally reach your view point! There are also clip-on accessories available to make sure your shades stay secure.

Great for rowing:

As a rower, you’ll want a pair of shades that protect you from the glare of the water. The best ones for this will be polarized lenses that block out additional UVA/B/C light. This means minimal glare will be reflected from the bright water surface.

Great for cycling:

For cycling, the general rule is the bigger the frame, the better the protection. A larger frame will not only give you maximum protection from UV rays, but it will also guard you against any unwanted debris splattered up from the surface you’re cycling on. Because visibility is important when cycling, you can also get handy frames with interchangeable lens that adapt to the brightness levels.

Great for cycling

Great for outdoor circuit training:

In HIIT-style outdoor training, you can expect to be making all sorts of movements, so it’s best to get shades that fit your face perfectly. Invest in a a pair that is durable and impact-resistant, but remember never to compromise on UV protection. Frames with silicone grips are always handy as they prevent the frames from sliding down the face.

Great for volleyball:

Glare protection is also crucial for any volleyball players. The chances are you’ll be facing the sun at some point, so make sure your shades blind the sun’s rays completely. A lightweight frame with a snug nose piece also comes in handy to make sure they stay in place.

Whatever the sport you may play, sunglasses are an essential piece of sportswear for sunny days. Not only will they protect your delicate eyes, but with the unrelenting glare of the sun, a practical and durable pair of shades may well be what stands in the way of you winning or losing.