Great tips: how to dress like a hipster girl

We have all seen those hipster girls. Looking so unkempt and so absolutely out of style that they, in fact, look super trendy. For those who haven’t seen a hipster yet, just go down to the local independent coffee shop. The hipster will more than likely be sipping a vegan double decaf soy latte and sharing their opinions of the day with other hipsters. This way of life is gaining traction amongst the younger generation. Today, we have some great tips on how to dress like a hipster girl.

Great tips: how to dress like a hipster girl

Where to shop

The style of a hipster girl looks effortless, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes hours of scouring thrift shops, charity stores, vintage markets, and even some hip online purchases to make up the perfect hipster wardrobe. To break it down, “unconventional” is the look to go for. Some of the wardrobe can still be found in regular clothing outlets. If the whole outfit is made up of vintage pieces, it will look overdone and a complete mess. The key to the perfect hipster look is to accentuate the outfit with just one or two vintage items. Let’s take a look at the sort of vintage pieces we are referring to.


Checkered shirts and T-shirts are a must-have. And don’t worry about ironing them. That just thrown on look straight off the drying line is what we are going for. Checkered shirts can be a bit oversized and go so well with a tight crisp white vest under it. T-shirts are for a more casual look. Go for vintage with cool cartoon characters, band logos, or some statement words. A little rip along the collar? Not a problem, it adds to the unconventional feeling. Knitted cardigans and bulky sweaters are the perfect winter companions.


Ripped jeans, printed leggings, and vintage cropped shorts are the order of the day. Spice things up a bit with a cute pleated skirt and remember that basically anything high waisted will work. If skinny jeans are working at the bottom, don’t go with skinny on top as well. Break it up with something a bit baggy on top. The style needs to look comfortable.


These can make or break the hipster look. Shoes being too modern or too mainstream means everything else was just a waste of time. Army style boots are always a winner and can be paired up with just about anything. Boots and a skirt, boots and leggings, boots and shorts… it all works! If boots aren’t really your thing, try some vintage Converse sneakers or even a pair of 1960s inspired heels.

Great tips: how to dress like a hipster girl

Jackets and accessories

Military and 80’s inspired leather jackets are wardrobe essentials for a hipster. No matter what else is being worn, add an army jacket and you’re ready to go. Vintage leather and canvas bags, old knitted and oversized beanies, large woolen scarves, and bold statement belts will all pair well as accessories to this look. Just be sure to not overdo it.

While the hipster style seems to be a new trend that is taking off, being a hipster girl isn’t just about the clothes. It’s a way of life that encompasses the real person and pushes away anything mainstream. Which is quite ironic because being a hipster is now a trend all on its own.