How you know it’s time for a new wardrobe

If you’re the kind of person that loves clothes, there’s a high chance that every item in your closet sparks joy in one way or another. They all have their own story to tell, they all fit your body in certain ways, and some of them may have even traveled the world with you. Because of this, it’s hard to say goodbye to them. You know that none of them fit you any longer and you know that they are so worn they have clothes in them, but how do you know when it’s really time for a new wardrobe? Sometimes it’s better to let go of the clothes that you love, so you can open up the door (quite literally) for a new wardrobe…

Photo: BURST

You spend hours deciding what to wear

When you have an event to go to, you probably spend a fair amount of time deciding what you want to wear. After all, you want to be the best-dressed, you want the world to know that you have your own style, and you want to feel as comfortable as possible. However, if you spend longer deciding what you want to wear than you do to the actual event because you just can’t find something that excites you, then you probably need to upgrade your clothing situation.

Your clothes aren’t in good condition

Although we wish that clothes were designed to live out as much wear and tear as possible, that just isn’t the case. The more you wear them, the more they will begin to struggle. Your denim jeans might start to rip in the crotch area, your white T-shirts may sport some rather strange stains under the armpit, your beloved cardigans may start to bobble, and the rest of your wardrobe might start pilling. It’s inevitable that this will eventually happen, but when you see the first signs, it’s best to let your wardrobe out of its misery. Don’t long the process out. Rip it off like a band-aid.

You get upset when you look in your closet

Your closet has always been one of your favorite places in the world, right? It’s where your creativity flows, and it’s where you get the chance to truly express yourself as an individual. However, if you find your happiness waning when you look in your closet, it might be time to mix things up a bit. It’s not worth being upset over the clothes that are looking back at you – no matter how many memories come with them. When you no longer feel excited about choosing an outfit, it’s time to switch things up and add some new additions that will excite you.

Photo: BURST

Your staple items aren’t there anymore

Although it’s great to have a wide-ranging closet that offers clothes for all occasions, most people also try to find themselves a capsule closet. This is a wardrobe that’s full of staple items that you can mix and match with anything. This includes a pair of good denim jeans, plain white tees, a little black dress, a blazer, and other items that can be used for so many different outfits. If these items aren’t there anymore because they have ripped or been lost, then you have to replace them ASAP. These items will change the course of your fashion life, so it’s important that they remain in place.

So, is it time for you to replace your wardrobe? Make sure you think about it before making this big decision…