Quick and easy ways to bring more retro into your wardrobe

Fashion is ever-changing, although some styles are here to stay. Adding retro into your wardrobe is like adding a blast from the past, and is arguably a timeless decision. Many have even suggested that what goes around comes around, meaning that what goes out is going to come back in again at some point. Retro styles are, in a way, also the ‘in’ thing to do at the moment, we seem to be in a strange lull for any decent fashion statements that don’t seem to pass the moment they’re created. So, here are some quick and easy ways of adding more retro to your wardrobe.

Retro chic

Don’t let the baggy wear you down

Baggy is different from saggy; one is a must, and one is a bust. If you love retro, comfort, and style, then get yourself a pair of boyfriend or bootcut jeans. You won’t be disappointed since they are also super comfortable as well as looking rad. Having the guts to wear baggy jeans in a sea of skinny jeans will make you stand out from the crowd and add that flair you’ve always dreamed off – literally. You then have a choice whether you fancy wearing something cropped baggy on the top or something tighter to show off those curves. Most people suggest that if you go baggy on the bottom; go skinny on the top and vice versa. Of course, once you have those jeans on, no one can tell you what to do, and you’re free to pair it with whatever you fancy.

Get your check on

There is plenty of check to be found anywhere you go; let’s be honest, check never went anywhere. Although it’s possible more popular with the Scottish and schoolgirls than it is with those celebs who influence the fashion world, check is the way to inject a bit of retro into your wardrobe. It’s also super snazzy whether you go for check flannel, check skirt or go utterly mad and get yourself the ultimate check suit. If you need to find something even more obscure than what they sell in your local store, why not go to a thrift shop and have a nosey around their clothes sections.


If we could turn back time

If we could find a way, we would bring back all those clothes that we lost so they could stay. Well, since we can’t do that, we’ll have to settle with mix and match! If you’re keen on the retro look but aren’t sure if you’re ready to commit fully, why not just mix it up a little with all the modern stuff you’re bound to have in that wardrobe of yours? Besides, we’re sure that after you’ve watched the Breakfast Club and Footloose, you’ll be ready to commit fully.

The leather jacket

While we’re sure most people already own one of these, if you don’t, buy one. This is not only a classic wardrobe item, and if you purchase it in the biker jacket style, it will also be a crucial retro piece that you will have successfully added to your menagerie.

The retro look is always a good look unless we’re talking 80s perms, but even then they managed to style those out brilliantly.