Give something back: what kind of volunteering is right for you?

In the world today, there are many opportunities to volunteer. Perhaps you have always wanted to volunteer, but deciding on exactly where has been hard. That’s fine because not every volunteer opportunity is suitable for everyone. The best place to start when deciding what kind of volunteering program to take part in is to look at what you’re passionate about. Is it philanthropy? Children? Women? Animals? Or are you crazy about environmental conservation? Do the poor living conditions of some communities worldwide make you want to help make a change?

Once you’ve decide what kind of contribution you would like to give to the community around you or elsewhere, deciding on which volunteering program to go for becomes easy. And if you can’t seem to decide exactly what to go for, it doesn’t hurt to dabble here and there before settling for something that satisfies you. Below are some types of volunteer program or activities that are common.

Give something back: what kind of volunteering is right for you?

Long-term programs

These can range anywhere from six months to years. Some volunteer organizations require volunteers who are willing to dedicate most of their time to the programs. In short, volunteering becomes your job for the time. This mostly happens with volunteering in the medical arena or working in humanitarian aid in places experiencing strife. It might also be in places where you’re required to impart your skills or knowledge on a group of people until they’re well informed. If you would like to use your professional or technical skills to give back to the society, this is an ideal option.

Short-term volunteer programs

If you have just a couple of weeks or months on hand and would like to volunteer, look for some short term programs. These are programs that take between a week to three months to complete. You’ll be able to complete your project in a short time and leave knowing you’ve made a positive impact somewhere.

Environmental conservation

Sadly, the environment is not getting as much care as it needs in most of the world, and that’s why global warming is becoming a critical matter. If the thought of the beauty of the earth going down the drain disturbs you and if you’d like to see a positive change, this is the kind of volunteering you should throw your weight behind. Planting trees, recycling plastic, cleaning up littered beaches and streets – it’s all part of it. You even get to educate people on the importance of conserving the environment and show them how to do it.

Give something back: what kind of volunteering is right for you?


Constructing houses, schools, or hospitals for communities in dire need is also another program that always has activities going on. Worldwide, there are many instances that leave many families homeless, from civil wars to natural disasters. If you do not mind getting your hands dirty and would like to spend some quality time with locals in foreign places, this might be right for you.

Volunteering not only benefits the community you’re offering your services to but you as an individual, too. Do your research before getting started to ensure you end up in the right area.