4 tips for a perfect shot from your mobile camera

These days, we’re all taking pictures with our mobile phones. Nobody needs to carry a camera around with them anymore when they have such a great camera right there on their phone. But taking great pictures with your mobile device is not so easy. Here are four great tips to help you achieve the perfect shot.

Adjust the focus

The most critical thing to look out for while taking a picture on your mobile device is to ensure that your subject is in focus. To set the focal point on most phone cameras, you simply tap your subject in the display. A small rectangle will appear to select the focus point. In case your subject is moving, make sure to tap the display before you take the shot, to assure that they’re in focus.

4 tips for a perfect shot from your mobile camera

Set exposure manually

Exposure refers how much light is let into the sensor, and controls how bright or dark the image will be. When you click on the subject to focus on them, the camera will then utilize the focus point to set the exposure. The camera’s auto exposure is not always perfect, though.

On most phone cameras, there is a way to set the exposure manually. On iPhones, when you set the focal point by clicking the display, a tiny sun icon appears on side of focus rectangle. To adjust the exposure, just slide the sun icon up or down to set the perfect exposure or brightness for your image. Once you set the exposure, then release your finger and take a steady shot

Don’t use the zoom tool

The zoom function is available on all mobile phones, and you can use it to get a closer view of your subject. However, the mobile camera zoom is a digital zoom not an optical or lens zoom. The digital zoom simply crops the image and blows it up in size, so it often results in a blurry, low quality resulting picture. The more you zoom in, the worse the image quality will be. If you want to get a closer shot of your subject, it will look much better if you walk a little closer before snapping the photograph, instead of trying to zoom in.

4 tips for a perfect shot from your mobile camera

Keep the camera steady

Keeping the camera held steady while you’re taking pictures plays a major role in achieving the perfect image. While taking a photo at night time or in low light, the image quality gets very bad and you will notice lots of noise in the image. Holding the camera steady will help you get a better shot, especially in low light or night shooting situations when the processing time is longer. Using a small tripod or resting your phone on a solid surface can be a big help in keeping your camera still while you are taking pictures, too.

Many mobile phones today are equipped with top notch cameras. You can get great shots from them in any situation if you follow these simple tips. Aside from that, just go out and enjoy taking
pictures – that’s the most important thing.