Useful tips for improving your travel photography

Taking a really good photograph of a picturesque view isn’t always easy and often when we take photographs, they’re never quite what we hope for them to be. We are used to seeing pristine images in magazines and online which are generally taken by people who study photography before they make a career out of it. On top of that, they own cameras most of us would only dream of having. A good start is generally the purchase of a camera with some really good specs. Why pay more unless you were getting your value for money? That, however, will only get you so far. In the end, a photograph is only as good as it’s photographer. So here are some useful tips that you can use to improve your photography skills whilst traveling.

1. Camera

Make sure your camera lens is clean, all the necessary calibrations and adjustments have been made, that the camera roll is empty, and that the battery is charged.

Useful tips for improving your travel photography

2. Steady

Keep it steady. You don’t want to look like you’re trying to take a motion picture, unless of course that is exactly what you are trying to do, in which case by all means disregard this point. Keeping it steady, however, really helps by removing the obstacle of blurry photographs. If you are someone who really struggles to keep a camera steady then maybe consider taking the photograph with the camera on a flat surface or investing in a stand for the cameras which is something most professional photographers use and for that exact reason.

3. Angle

If anyone has ever had a photograph taken of them, they know very well that there is such a thing as a good angle and a bad angle. There are the odd few that look good at any angle and as a result look good in almost all photographs. For the rest of the unheroic populace, the angle you take a photograph at is critical. This applies to people, places, and inanimate objects. Looking through the lens, it may take a bit of trial and error, but once you get that perfect angle, the natural beauty is exemplified, making your job as the photographer that much easier.

4. Lighting

Let’s not go into the details of lighting because trust us when we say it is a whole other field of science. Light has four qualities to consider namely color, intensity, direction, and quality. So do a little research and apply what you learn and you will find yourself taking some
extraordinary photographs.

5. Add some blur

So think of it this way, the focal point of the photograph is in focus and the surrounding features are blurred. This just helps the focal point of the image to really project.

Useful tips for improving your travel photography

6. Content

Images have an ability to bring out some of the rarest emotions in people and it all comes down to the composition so try and tell a story. Make your content stand out by adding some contrasting features as opposed to just letting it all blend in. Photographs aren’t exactly made to scale, so photograph something else with the focal point to give it some perspective.

Go out there and capture the moment, because in the end, all we have are our memories!