Ways to get over a breakup

The end of a romantic relationship is not always an easy phase for most people. When it comes with heartbreak and a huge sense of disappointment, it becomes very hard to get over it and move on with your life. The sense of loss and hurt can be so great and you could feel like there’s no way past it. It gets harder when the relationship had been going for a while and it had become your reality, where when it ends you feel like you lost your purpose and everything you have to live for.

It’s not unusual to feel like this. It’s completely normal, but there are many ways to help you get through this phase quickly to allow you get on with your life. Wallowing in self pity, anger and other negative feelings associated with a breakup may affect the quality of your life adversely, and you should not allow this to happen. Here are some points on ways to get over a breakup and proceed with your life.

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Get Out

Nights spent on your couch nursing your favorite comfort food or drink, binge watching TV and ticking off reasons your ex is a horrible person may work for the first couple of days but if it exceeds it becomes detrimental to your own life. Getting out of the confines of your room will help you to get away from destructive thoughts that hold you back from moving on. A simple walk around the neighborhood or in your favorite serene scenery will help in reminding you that there’s so much that’s wonderful in this life and that once one thing is over, many new better things await.

Take Classes

Being in a relationship, you probably had your time filled with activities you did with your partner. Now that it’s over, you have lots of free time in your hands, which you unfortunately spend wallowing in heartbreak. Taking classes to learn new skills is an ideal way of filling this time and making you focus on more positive things. It could be anything from a dance class to a cooking class or even learning a new language. When you’re busy with something, the hurt will be gone before you realize it.

Block Them Out

Literally and figuratively. Taking a step back from your former partner will enable you to get over them faster and in an healthy way. It’s okay to unfollow them, unfriend them and even block them on your social media account. Delete their phone contacts too if you find the temptation to drunk-text them too strong. Taking a step back from the source of your heartbreak helps you heal better.

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Talking always helps, so long as you do it with the right person. First and foremost, to truly get over something, you need closure. If there’s a few last answers you may feel you need from your previous partner, get them before you fully part ways. After that, you can get on the path to recovery without clouds of uncertainty hanging over you head. Next, talk to a trusted friend about what you’re going through. They’ll offer a shoulder to cry on and sound advice that you may desperately need at this time.

Remember that a breakup is not the end of life and there’s always something fresh waiting ahead.